The time is here for our annual pre-sale of quality rental Kayaks, Canoes and Paddleboards!

Our highly anticipated annual sale provides you with an opportunity to purchase great quality equipment at the lowest price and with very little wear and tear as we refresh most equipment each season!

This season we have plenty of our most popular new models which sold out this year. Now is your opportunity to purchase for end of season pick up and reserved with a deposit in person or by phone. 

Sale Details!

  • Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. You can specify exactly the boat you want by serial Number. It will be reserved, cleaned and ready for your pick up at the end of season. 
  • Boat pickups with final payment will be available between September 15th and October 31st, 2021. 
  • Winter storage is available at a rate of $75 per Paddleboard/Single Kayak, or $100 per Canoe/Tandem Kayak until May 1, 2022.
  • Reservation deposits are $100 per Paddleboard/Single Kayak and $200/Canoe/Tandem kayak and are non-refundable. 
  • Inflatable Paddleboards include storage Bag, Pump and Paddle, Single and Tandem kayaks also include paddles. Composite paddleboards and canoes are sold board/boat only. 
  • Don’t wait long as our best items always sell quickly and they are available now!

Visit in person 7 days per week or Call 705.646.0492 to place reservations by phone

Kayaks Tandem

BrandModelColourNew PriceSALE Deposit Cond. Serial Number Photo
Crescent CrewSeafoam$1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOKHTLWDD121img
Crescent CrewSeafoam$1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOKHTLXKD121img
Crescent CrewSeafoam$1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOKHTOYOK021img
Crescent CrewSeafoam$1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOKHTOSBJ021img
Crescent CrewCitron$1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOKHT28B121SOLD
Crescent Crew Citron $1,499.00$1,150.00$200.00ASOLD
Old TownOtterSunburst$1,499.00$700.00$200.00CXTG00025E111img
Old TownTwin HeronSunrise$1,349.00$650.00$200.00Cimg
NativeStingray TandemOrange$1,199.00$850.00$200.00BLPS01676F020SOLD
NativeStingray TandemOrange$1,199.00$850.00$200.00BLPS01090F020img
LiquidlogicVentura TandemSunburst$1,399.00$950.00$200.00BXTC02664G213img

Single kayaks

BrandModelColourNew PriceSALEDepositCond.Serial NumberPhoto
CrescentUltraLiteSea Foam$1,099.00$875.00$100.00ASOKK4342C121Sold
CrescentUltraLiteSea Foam$1,099.00$875.00$100.00ASOKK43SHE121Sold
Liquid LogicVentura SoloSunburst$1,099.00$750.00$100.00BSold
Liquid LogicVentura SoloSunburst$1,099.00$750.00$100.00BSold
Liquid LogicVentura SoloSunburst$1,099.00$750.00$100.00Bimg
Liquid LogicVentura SoloSunburst$1,099.00$750.00$100.00Bimg
Old TownLoonYellow$1,099.00$700.00$100.00BSold
Liquid LogicInuitSunburst$1,249.00$850.00$100.00Bimg
Liquid LogicInuitSunburst$1,249.00$850.00$100.00Bimg
Liquid LogicInuitSunburst$1,249.00$850.00$100.00Bimg
Liquid LogicInuitMango$1,249.00$850.00$100.00Bimg
NativeManta Ray 12XTCopperhead$1,299.00$900.00$100.00BSold
NeckyEliasIce Blue$1,799.00$1,100.00$100.00AXTC02664G213
Delta14.5 SportRed$2,399.00$1,550.00$200.00B

Paddleboards – inflatable

BrandModelColourNew PriceSALEDepositCond.Serial NumberPhoto
BoteFlow 8′ KidsTeal$649.00$475.00$100.00Aimg
BoteDrift 10’8Classic$799.00$500.00$100.00ASold
BoteDrift 10’8Classic$799.00$500.00$100.00ASold
Bote Drift 10’8Classic$799.00$500.00$100.00ASold
BoteDrift 10’8Floral$799.00$500.00$100.00ASold
BoteDrift 10’8Classic$799.00$500.00$100.00ASold
BoteBreeze 10’8Native Eclips$899.00$575.00$100.00ASold
BoteBreeze 10’9Classic$899.00$575.00$100.00ATB2101BR2047Sold
Red PaddleRide 10’8White/Multi$1,449.00$750.00$100.00Cimg
Red PaddleSport 11’3 x 32Blue/white$1,599.00$850.00$100.00CRED17_120_113S026Sold
Red PaddleElite 14′ x 26Red/White$1,899.00$900.00$100.00C
Muskoka SUPPack-It 10’6Blue/Green/White$899.00$300.00$100.00CSOLD
Muskoka SUPPack-it 10’6Blue/Green/White$899.00$300.00$100.00C
Muskoka SUPPack-It 10’6Blue/Green/White$899.00$300.00$100.00C
StarboardTikhine 10.6Pink/Native$1,349.00$700.00$100.00Cimg
StarboardWopper 10.4Blue/Green$1,349.00$800.00$100.00C

Paddleboards – rigid

BrandModelColourNew PriceSaleDepositCond.SerialPicture
BoteBreezeFull Trax$1,399.00$1,000.00$100.00A SOLD
BoteHD 10.6 BugslingerNative$1,899.00$800.00$100.00C
BoteHD Gator Shell 12′Classic$2,199.00$1,250.00$100.00BJ1901HDGS146SOLD
BoteHD Gator Shell 12′CLASSIC$2,199.00$1,250.00$100.00BSOLD
BoteHD Gator Shell 12′Native$2,199.00$1,250.00$100.00B
Muskoka SUP11.2′ BalanceSeafoam$1,099.00$500.00$100.00Cimg
Muskoka SUP10.2′ Classic OrangeOrange/Wood$1,299.00$600.00$100.00CSOLD
Muskoka SUP11.2′ Classic GreenGreen/Wood$1,299.00$600.00$100.00C
StarboardFreeride Starlite 12.2Blue/Orange$2,399.00$1,450.00$100.00BSS17FSL123016100041
StarboardTouring Litetech 12.6White/Blue$1,699.00$1,000.00$100.00Bimg
StarboardSprint Carbon 12.6 x 25Blue/Orange$4,399.00$1,399.00$100.00ASS15SPB122514090025

(This offer is valid till October 30th 2020)

Get outside this winter and play in the snow. 

We have a limited number of Atlas and Tubbs snowshoes on sale at our store in Bracebridge. All items are priced to sale so you will get an enormous bargain for quality equipment that will last many years.

There are very limited quantities so visit LIV or call to order.

This offer is valid while stock lasts .

This is the limited stock on sale

Regular PriceSale Price
Atlas Randevous$169$ 99
Atlas Treeline 25$249$179
Atlas Aspect 30$299 $219
Atlas Access 30$199$139
Atlas Stratus 30$299$219
Tubbs Explore W 21 $159$109
Tubbs Explore 30 (SOLD) $159$109
Tubbs Frontier 30$189$139

Children Tubbs Storm snowshoe only $55

Tubbs Storm

Children Tubbs Storm special prize of $55 ( Reg $99.99)

Malibu Ocean Kayak package deal

Malibu Ocean kayak with Day Tripper Paddle

Have a blast atop our Malibu solo series! It’s all about fun and comfort

9’5″ $729
11′ $799

Heron 11 XT Package Deal

Includes Day Tripper Paddle and Extrasport PFD $789
Includes Day Tripper Paddle and Boat Only $679

Jackson Cruise Package Deal

Our Best selling Sit-on-Top Kayak with Magic AL Paddle –
10′ $999
12′ $1079

Jackson Tupelo Package Deal

Our Best selling Rec. Kayak with Magic AL Paddle + Elevate PFD – $1099!

Jackson Tripper 12 Package Deal

Dog friendly stable kayak with Magic AL Paddle + Elevate PFD – $1099!

For full list of our kayaks please :

The snow has melted and the Spring has sprang. It is the best time to ride a bike and explore trails and country roads of Muskoka.
We have a special offer for you on all of our Scott, Rocky Mountain and Felt mountain and road bikes till the end of May 2019 .
Please find full list of our bikes at

On the top of discounted price we offer basic annual maintenance program for free as well as 10% off on all our accessories and bike parts.

By the way, if you already have a bike we can take care of the maintenance and make it ready for the riding season. Please drop off your bike at Liv Outside and have our mechanic check it for you.

Now is the time to introduce few examples our specials. For the full list of bikes check Liv Outside Bike List or call us at 705 646 0492 .

Please visit us at Liv Outside and hit the trail at River Side Bike Park that we manage.
Use your own bike or We have a great selection of rental road, mountain and full suspension mountain bikes.

For more information and bookings visit Muskoka Mountain Bike Rentals.