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revel bikes

Their Story

Revel Bikes are a rider-owned and passion driven company based in Carbondale, Colorado developed by Adam Miller and are currently one of the fastest growing privately owned bike brands. How did he do it? Adam connected with like minded industry veterans like the Chris Canfield for their CBF (Canfield Balance Formula) suspension, Jason Schiers of ENVE Composites and Jeremiah Starkey, a lead engineer from Rockshox suspension with the goal to engineer and build the absolute best bikes in the world.

While there may be places that might make more business sense, Revel settled operations in Carbondale, CO, a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains because to be more than just a business they needed more than just a convenient home. Great products come from great people and a shared lifestyle. The growth of the brand may be attributed to this mindset of working with like minded people who are adventurers, skiers, musicians, artists, climbers, explorers and more. This lifestyle and community helps engineer and create the best products to use to play in this great backyard.

Their Culture

Revel Bikes set the goal to be an engineering powerhouse set to the pace of a small family company on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains. To achieve this, they go beyond the office work, beyond the meetings obsessing over suspension kinematics– striving to achieve the intangibles that so often get lost in company cultures. Being encouraging co-workers, finding the right work play balance, challenging themselves daily, participating in our community, and taking advantage of all the fruits the valley has to offer–this is what makes Revel feel like home.

Revel Lifestyle

Discover the new Rascal V2




29" Wheel
115mm Rear Travel
120mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

A lighter weight bike that packs a surprising punch. We made this bike with one thing in mind- to enjoy the ups as much as the downs. A bike that takes modern XC suspension to a whole new level.


Ranger V2

29" Wheel
115mm Rear Travel
120mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

The new Ranger provides an elite, down-country ride that offers a perfect balance of speed, agility, and durability. Its unique suspension design and redesigned rear end offer superior performance on technical terrain.

revel rascal


29" Wheel
130mm Rear Travel
140mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

The hometown quiver killer- from Moab to Crested Butte, we’re ready. Our mid- travel, do everything bike designed to deliver a confidence-inspiring, ultra-versatile ride, regardless of the terrain ahead.


Rascal V2

29" Wheel
130mm Rear Travel
140mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

The Rascal is a confidence-inspiring and ultra-versatile mountain bike for all applications. This fast, nimble bike has a mischievous 130mm of rear travel and will leave you surprised at the breadth of terrain that it can conquer.

revel rail 29


29" Wheel
155mm Rear Travel
160mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

Big travel, little compromise. The Rail29 is right at home on the top of any enduro track, around the bike park, or all day epics in the hills.

Revel Rail 27


27.5" Wheel
165mm Rear Travel
170mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

Smaller wheels. Bigger Fun. Our smaller wheel offering annihilates burly descents while the CBF­™ suspension platform efficiently propels you back to the top.

revel rover


700C Wheel
00mm Rear Travel
00mm Fork Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber Frame

No suspension, no problem. The Rover takes everything we learned from our original gravel bike (the R+ from Why Cycles) and applies it to carbon with features that check every box.


Bike Mag

'Recovering endurance racers and aggressive trail riders alike will appreciate the Ranger’s pedaling efficiency and light weight, however it delivers those qualities in a more capable, playful, and ergonomically friendly package than a traditional “high-poster” XC rig. Thankfully, the days of building fun and playful XC Franken-bikes out of spare parts are behind us, and Revel’s Ranger is the one of the latest head-turning aggressive XC bikes worth checking out.'


'The Ranger is a bike that doesn’t instantly sanitise every track into a twisty blancmange, and makes me really consider where my front wheel is pointed. I like riding a bike that causes me to work out whether (and how) I’m going to assist the rear wheel in dodging the hole/rock/root that’s threatening the structural integrity of my rear tyre.'

Outdoor Gear Lab

The Revel Rascal is a top performer amongst mid-travel trail bikes. This carbon-framed 29er climbs and descends swiftly and feels both nimble and planted at the same time. Its somewhat conservative geometry gives it responsive handling, yet doesn't hold you back in aggressive terrain, and the CBF suspension design eats up rough trails with a calm and refined feel. If you're looking for a bike that not only looks great but actually does it all well, check out the Revel Rascal.

bicycle guider

Only a few years in, and the Revel Bikes’ team of industry professionals has created some of the best full suspension mountain bikes out there.

One of the original Revel Bikes, the Revel Rascal is the bike designed for fast climbing and gnarly trail-shredding. With more suspension travel than the Ranger, the Rascal can handle much more technical trails while being even more forgiving.

single tracks

Revel ups the stoke with the new Rail 29. What can I say? The moment I threw a leg over the slightly sparkly “Shred Velvet Cake” Rail 29 I became a fan. Look at it. Look at it right now. No ifs, ands, or buts about it; it’s a visual masterpiece.

Even though I only had one day with this bike, I considered making a deposit on the spot. It’s the perfect combination of playful, stable, and traction compliant. 

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