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Revel Rascal V2 Mountain Bike

By Peter DeMos | 02/28/2024

Revel Rascal V2 The all-new Rascal has been fully redesigned from the ground up to be the ultimate trail bike and the best Revel yet. Thoughtfully updated geometry and perfected kinematics provide the Rascal an unmatched ride quality and versatility. The Rascal is the bike that caught the industry’s eye and put Revel on the […]

Pre-order Discount Program

By Peter DeMos | 02/16/2024

Liv Outside Pre-order Paddlesport Discount Program The following Accessory Discount program is offered for all new model Accessory Brands Yak Attack Yak Gadget Yak Power OneObjective Model/Accessory Brands Native – Sidekick, Motor Kits, Motor mounts, Propel Maintenance/Parts Bonafide – Sidekick, Motor kits, Motor Mounts, Propel Maintenance/Parts Crescent – Pad Kits, Track Kits, Seats, Hatches, Motor […]

Crescent CK2 kayak

By Peter DeMos | 02/15/2024

CRESCENT CK2 Venture KAYAK The CK2 Venture is a truly versatile, high-weight-capacity fishing kayak built on a proven Crescent platform. Since the CREW launch, the anglers and adventurers in the Crescent community have seen the limitless potential in customizing this craft as a high-performing single to accommodate all of their gear, electronics, and power options. […]

Bonafide PWR129, SS127 and Native Titan X Bow Motorization Kit Freshwater

By Peter DeMos | 02/03/2024

Bonafide PWR129, SS127 and Native Titan X Bow Motorization Kit Freshwater Shop fishing kayaks Why use Bow Motorization Kits? In order to properly motorize kayak models, kayaker would need to source parts from multiple vendors to create a kit ( around 10 different sources). There are some videos online on how to do installations and […]

Layaway till May Program 2024

By Peter DeMos | 01/20/2024

LIV outside Layaway Till May 2024 Get an early Start on your new Adventure! Shop specials on 2023 stock and make monthly payments till Spring! We could use analogies like “the early bird gets the worm” but quite simply, ordering your boat, bike and adventure equipment early helps us do our best to guarantee delivery […]

Crescent Primo Kayak

By Peter DeMos | 01/20/2024

CRESCENT Primo Kayak This kayak is crafted using the highest quality resin and offers premium features such as Crescent’s Hi-low design with frame seat and patented hull. The Primo can be customized with pad kits, GearTracs, and a Power Pole/motor mount location. Stability, performance, and capacity have been masterfully blended to ensure paddlers of any […]

Crescent K Craft

By Peter DeMos | 01/13/2024

CRESCENT K CRAFT PADDLE SKIFF EDITION The Paddling performance of a kayak, the stability of a SUP, and range of a powerd skiff creat a new lightweight class entirely. Crescent blended a low profile, shallow draft, and open layout into a lightweight, rigid platform. Built for paddling, casting, and motoring. Loaded with features, this portable […]

What makes your Ultimate Ice Climbing Partner in Southern Ontario?

By Peter DeMos | 01/11/2024

When it comes to embarking on a thrilling ice climbing adventure in the southern regions, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. Liv Outside emerges as the perfect companion for your icy exploits, offering a blend of expertise, passion, and safety to enhance your climbing experience. Liv Outside, a renowned outdoor adventure company, […]

Everything you need to know about OAC Skinbased Touring Skis!

By Peter DeMos | 01/08/2024

Everything you need to know about OAC Skinbased Touring Skis! Escape the Ordinary – Transform Your Canadian Winter Adventures with Skin Skis. Shop OAC + Altai Skin Skis Part 1 – What are they? Who are they for? Skin skis are basically a classic ski with strips of synthetic hair placed underfoot to replace either […]

Fat Biking Ontario

By Peter DeMos | 12/30/2023

Fat Biking in Muskoka Create your own weekend fat biking adventure this winter! Dashing through the woods on a 2-wheeled, open sleigh? Come discover cycling in a new season with our Winter Fat Tire Bikes! Through years of riding them ourselves we have developed our own network of groomed, single-track cycling trails through our Muskoka […]

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