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Their Story


The company was founded in 2002 by a group of kayaking enthusiasts who were passionate about developing a new type of kayak that would be more stable, comfortable, and versatile than anything that was currently on the market.

One of the key innovations of Native Watercraft is their patented Propel Pedal Drive system.

Their Culture


We are committed to taking our environmental impact as close to zero as we can get. The vast majority of components in our kayaks can be recycled at the end of their usefulness. The recycle-reuse-repurpose mantra extends throughout the manufacturing process as we sort virtually all waste materials and flow it to recyclers.

99% of Fishing


Native Slayer 10


Length 10'
Width 34"
Weight 62 LBS
Capacity 400 LBS

The lightest 10' rotomolded pedal fishing kayak on the market. Weight– or lack of to be more precise. Weighing in at 62 lbs (without the drive unit) the Slayer Propel 10 is the lightest 10′ pedal drive fishing kayak on the market.

Native Slayer Series

Slayer MAX 10

Length 10'
Width 34.15"
Weight 75 LBS
Capacity 400 LBS

The most compact full featured boat on the market.  Fits in the bed of a truck but has all the features of a 12 plus foot long boat along with all the electronics capability. Its the only boat on the market of it’s kind.

Slayer 12 Max

Slayer Max 12.5

Length 12' 6"
Width 34"
Weight 95 LBS
Capacity 500 LBS

The large and in charge kayak fishing machine has arrived. One of our most popular designs of all time, the Slayer Propel 12.5 has been updated to the max! Meet the new Slayer Propel Max 12.5 with SpringBlade Rudder System. Featuring the proven Propel Pedal Drive and impressive kayak fishing features that will take your experience on the water to the next level.

Native Titan Series

Titan Series

Length 10' 5" - 13' 6"
Width 37.5" - 41.5"
Weight 121 LBS - 178 LBS
Capacity 500 LBS - 550LBS

Bass fishing kayak extraordinaire. The Titan is a hands-free forward to reverse, Propel Pedal driven, bass fishing kayak extraordinaire. The Titan Propel offers incredible stability with ample room and flexibility to move around. Optimal for sight casting with plenty of leverage to reel in the catch, this is an angler’s fantasy fulfilled.

Titan X 10.5

Titan X 10.5

PREOrder For spring 2024

Length 10' 8"
Width 38"
Weight *TBD
Capacity 475 LBS


Titan X 12.5

Preorder for spring 2024

Length 12' 8"
Width 40" 
Weight TBD
Capacity 500 LBS 

Introducing the Native Watercraft Titan X Propel, the pedal-driven fishing kayak that will revolutionize your angling experience.

Featuring innovative electronics and motorization integrations for easy installation, precision steering control, 360 PivotPro swivel seating, and unmatched stability. The Titan X is the pinnacle of fishing vessels, and it's made in the USA.

Rule the water. Catch more fish.

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