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Their Story

Terrene Tires was founded by Tim Krueger, who had a background in the bicycle industry and a passion for outdoor adventure. The company was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Terrene focused on designing and manufacturing tires that catered to a wide range of riding conditions, including gravel, dirt, mud, snow, and more. They were known for their durable and high-traction tires that were popular among bikepackers, gravel riders, and mountain bikers.

Their culture

Terrene Tires is made up of a team of experienced industry folks who are focused on making riding the center of the experience. In addition to Tim Krueger and Joe Yang, Terrene will have Jim Glose managing sales, Anders Broste handling tire design and engineering and Ryan Krueger handling photography and marketing. “All of us are riders—when we aren’t working we spend a lot of time on our bikes. We are passionate about this sport and the products that we bring to market and are confident that other riders will take notice,“ said Glose.

Terrene Lifestyle

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Cake eater

Fast Rolling Fat Bike Tires. Inspired by studless winter vehicle snow tires, Cake Eater was designed to have lower center tread height with deep siping for lower rolling resistance while the side lugs remained tall and edgy for biting into soft corners.
Studs pockets were added in the transition areas for optional added cornering confidence in icy conditions.



Mixed Surface Fat Bike Tires. Thrive on the trail ahead, no matter what conditions you are presented with. From winter ice and snow to loose sand and dirt, Yippee Ki Yay is designed to help you perform at your best wherever the route leads.



Johnny 5

Extreme Flotation Fat Bike Tires. Plowing through a layer of fresh morning snow, or grinding on into the unknown in the dead of winter—adverse riding conditions require flotation and traction to keep you on the surface and moving forward.

Johnny 5 is our extreme soft conditions tire designed with a wide platform, tall paddle lugs, and 320 studs for maximum traction so that you can continue moving forward when stopping is not an option

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