FAQ Please read before renting a bike

How hard/long are the bike trails?

  • Our bike trails consist of a 6km loop that begins fairly simple and as you move further into the trails they get more complex. We recommend the trails for more experienced riders but if you stick to the outer loop beginners can enjoy our trails as well. 

What biking trails are nearby (road/mountain)?

  • For road biking we recommend going up Santa’s Village Road and Golden Beach Road, which run parallel to the Muskoka river. As for mountain biking trails, you get access to our trails when renting bikes from us or can purchase a $5 summer trail day pass. Further up the road Kerr park also has multi use trails trails available to the public

Do you need to book in advance?

  • For weekend adventures or groups of over 6 people you can book your rental a minimum of 48 hours in advance. If you did not book in advance, no worries, you are still able to come visit us in store and we can try to put you and your group out on the water on a first come first serve basis.

Can I book for 1 day?

  • For rentals that are taken off site there is a 2 day minimum. Any rentals that are on site and utilize our docks are done in 1, 2, or 4 hour adventures.

Do I need to put a deposit/down payment for rentals?

  • In order to reserve boats/bikes in advance for rentals or adventures, we require a deposit of 50% or you may pay in full. This deposit secures that the boats are ready and available for your visit.

If we pay for an hourly rental and decide to keep the boat/bike out for longer, can we just pay the difference? 

  • With our busy schedules and for safety reasons we need to know exactly when each boat is going out and coming back. This means you should book for the amount of time you would like to be out for . If you are debating between two times we suggest you choose the longer of the two. If you do stay over the time allotted or passed close there are late fees.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • We require a minimum 48 hours advance notice for cancellations on rentals. We can either give you a credit that is good for up to a year or reschedule your booking for a later date. We can also refund everything but 30% of the order if given ample notice. If reserved online we are unable to refund and can only reschedule. 

What is included in the rentals?

  • All boat rentals we include lifejackets and paddles for all paddlers in the boat, as well as a safety kit in each boat. Bike rentals include helmets and an area map. We provide any necessary equipment for boats and bike rentals, all we ask is you return everything you take out and enjoy.

What happens if it rains?

  • Unfortunately we can not control the weather, so if it happens to rain on the day you scheduled your rentals it is up to you if you still want to go out on the water or trails. As long as weather permits us to launch your group safely, it is up to you. We can not issue any refunds due to the weather, but we can reschedule the rental for a later date.

Can we do a 2 day rental over a weekend? 

  • If you are looking to rent over a weekend we ask that you make it a 3-day rental and pick it up on the friday or drop it off on the monday. The store gets very busy on the weekends and we unfortunately do not have the manpower to be able to set up multi-day rentals  and put hourly rentals in the water.  

Do we deliver?

  • On weekdays we are able to deliver to many places in Muskoka. The cost will depend on how far away you are from our location and what equipment you are renting. If you are interested in delivery please give us a call so we can quote a price and add the delivery to your order.

Do you have refreshments?

  • We now have beverages including water, vitamin water, gatorade, and ice tea available for purchase on site. We also have some light snacks such as granola or fig bars, and are looking to expand our food options. 

Biking in Muskoka.

Biking Adventures in Muskoka

At LivOutside we have a wide range of bikes available for renting. We have bikes for all kinds of riders including, mountain bikes, road bikes, E-bikes, and city bikes. Take a self guided tour around Bracebridge for 1, 2 or 4 hours on one of our wide variety of bikes. Our mountain bikes are either hard tail or full suspension if you are looking to rail more technical trails. If you plan on taking out a road bike there are no designated road bike routes around town but we do recommend biking down Santa’s Village Road and Golden Beach Road which run parallel to the Muskoka River. Our E-Bikes are also great for riding along those roads or into town, and with their range of 80km of battery life there is no need to worry about pedaling. The city bikes are single speed EVO bikes that are perfect for a leisurely ride through town or around the surrounding residential areas. Along with the rental of our mountain bikes you will get access to our mountain biking trail. Our trail consists of a 6km loop that is fairly simple to start and then as you progress through it will get more complex.

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