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Their Story

Founded in 2018 in Quebec city, Canada, Blivet Sports originated not only from a desire to develop and offer the very best to athletes, but also out of the experience of  designers, who are in turn passionate about using these products. Blivet Sports collaborates with athletes at every level and benefits greatly from the support of all our testers and ambassadors.

Their Culture

The love of sports and of the winter season; knowledge of materials and different manufacturing techniques; attention to detail and elegance; a unique design adapted to the reality of sports and their environment; intensive use of product under real conditions. All these statements describe Blivet. Blivet Sports  offer a line of superior quality products that will exceed your expectations.

Blivet Lifestyle

Fat Bike C'est L'fun!

Blevet Footwear


The lightest fat bike boot with solid warmth and full height designed for stomping through Canadian winters! This boot is comfortable during walking parts, with extraordinary ankle flexibility, without compromising flexibility due to the Vibram ® North Sharp-Claw sole, which empowers pedaling, a sole whose width is similar to that of a summer shoe, having less volume.



The KOLL cs from Blivet Sports is one of the most complete helmet on the market. Lightweight, robust construction, made of quality materials and unique design, the KOLL cs is specifically designed for winter use.

Blivet Glove


Designed for high intensity.. low velocity. Designed and tested in Canada  specifically for Fat Biking, snowshoeing and skiing.

Blevet Equipment


Pogies, grips , bottle warmes, tire covers. All you need for winter cycling is here.

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