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Their Story

The company was founded in 2011 and has become a leader in producing cold-weather cycling gear and accessories.

45NRTH was founded by David Gabrys, who is an avid cyclist and an engineer. He was passionate about expanding the possibilities of cycling into the colder months and more challenging terrains. The company’s name, “45NRTH,” is a reference to the 45th parallel, which runs through Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the company is based. This geographic location highlights their focus on winter cycling.

Their Culture

45NRTH’s commitment to developing and producing top-notch gear for winter cycling enthusiasts has made them a respected and well-recognized brand in the cycling industry. They have played a crucial role in expanding the possibilities of cycling beyond the warm months and into the realm of winter sports and adventure.

45NRTH Lifestyle

Celebrating 10 Years of 45NRTH

45NRTH Tire


45NRTH tires are specifically engineered to enhance the performance and safety of winter cyclists. The addition of studs, unique tread patterns, and puncture-resistant materials make them well-suited for riding in snow, ice, and other challenging winter environments.

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45NRTH uses carbide studs in their winter cycling tires. Carbide is a hard, durable material that can grip onto icy surfaces, providing excellent traction. These studs are designed to last longer and offer consistent performance in cold and challenging conditions.

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45NRTH’s focus on cold-weather cycling apparel is centered on providing the best possible experience for winter cyclists. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and innovative design, catering to the unique challenges that come with riding in cold, snowy, and icy conditions.

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45NRTH cycling pogies are a valuable accessory for winter cyclists, especially fat bikers and commuters who encounter cold and snowy conditions. They provide a comfortable and warm environment for the hands, enabling riders to maintain control and dexterity even in sub-freezing temperatures.

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45NRTH’s boots are specifically designed for fat biking, offering the necessary insulation, waterproofing, and traction for riding on snowy and icy terrain. They often have larger openings to accommodate thicker socks and provide a snug fit to keep your feet warm.

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These 45NRTH accessories are designed to complement their line of cold-weather cycling apparel and footwear, creating a complete system to keep you warm and protected during winter rides. Whether you’re commuting in the city or fat biking in the wilderness, these accessories are intended to help you stay comfortable and enjoy your winter cycling adventures to the fullest.


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