What is your favorite Pivot bike? Test it in Muskoka with Liv Outside.

Test the latest bikes from Pivot Cycles including the Trail 429, Firebird 29 and Mach 5.5 this Holiday Monday at either Buckwallow Cycling Center between 1 and 4pm or Join LIV OUTSIDE staff for the MORCA group ride at the BRMC trails for 6pm. See below the list of bikes available to demo – Reservations for model and time are highly recommended. Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the group ride so we can get your bike ready and bring your pedals!

1-Mach 5.5 medium

2-Mach 5.5 large

3-Trail429 small

4-Trail429 medium

5-Trai429 large

6-Trail429 XL

7-Firebird29 medium

8-Firebird29 large

9-Firebird29 XL


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