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Muskoka Kayaking Adventure

Kayak Adventures in Muskoka

At Liv Outside we love to kayak and offer a wide variety of types for you to choose from to explore our Rivers. A Kayak has you in a comfortable seated position with a double bladed paddle and originated with the inuit in Canada’s great Northern waters. A Kayak is a great first time paddlers choice to explore our water as you are in a very stable position and it’s easy to learn! If you want to paddling for the first time, enjoy fishing or just want a more connected view of the river is the best option. We launch you from our on-site dock towards beautiful destinations along the river. You can explore from our site for up to 4 hours and discover 3 different routes to area waterfalls and wildlife. There are 2 local parks, 3 waterfalls, a variety of wildlife as well as other areas for shore up for a wilderness lunch and a swim. In addition we do offer multi day kayak rentals for exploring other area routes and wilderness parks within a short drive.


Choosing Equipment

We now offer 4 different types of kayaks for you to explore our river which range from the most stable to a more traditional and efficient style of touring kayak.

Recreational Kayak - Choose a recreational kayak for either Solo (Single) or Tandem (two person). These are both very stable and a great choice for most paddlers.

Solo Comfort/Fishing kayak - For Larger solo paddlers and anglers we also offer a selection of Fishing kayaks which feature more stability, more comfortable seating and will allow fishing rod holders if you wish to pack a rod and cast a line at one of the many great spots on the river!

Touring Kayaks - For those seeking a traditional kayak we have some options for models which you sit inside. These models are more efficient but less stable and are best suited to experienced paddlers.

Pedal Drive Kayaks - Lastly, but certainly not least are our new pedal drive kayaks! These craft use your feet to pedal efficiently through the water as you lay back and enjoy the most comfortable seating. These boats feature hand controlled steering and at speed of up to 6 km/h are the easiest way to see more of the river in 1-2 hours


Want to get the most out of your kayaking experience? Why not try a course or guided trip with instruction? There is a lot of fun to be had with this sport and some time in a group with one of our instructors can ensure you have a blast on the water and get the right techniques in a few short steps!

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On-Site Tours

When you place your reservation you can choose from a Self Guided trip from 1 to 4 hours which you can also add a 15 minute instruction option if you are new to paddling. We also have guided trip options on weekends which will include your instruction and a guide to show you the best parts of the river!

Off-Site Rentals

If you are an experienced paddler looking for equipment for a multi day kayak adventure you can reserve equipment under our Summer Rentals! Our waterfront has all the equipment to safely load a kayak onto your vehicle and assistance from our staff to get you efficiently on your way to your next destination. Note that our kayaks are best suited for our local environment and are durable but not designed for lightweight portaging. Perfect craft for fishing and exploring the Muskoka Lakes and Rivers, Big Wind Provincial Park and the Poker Lakes Wilderness

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FAQ - Paddling a kayak - read before reserving your adventure

What is the difference between a kayak and a canoe?

A canoe is a boat for two people in which you kneel and allows the option for a child or dog in the middle. A kayak is more stable but you are sitting closer to the water and you may be splashed by water or the drip from your paddle. A Single or Tandem (two person) kayak is our easiest paddling activity to learn.

How many people can fit in the boats?

You can choose from a single kayak or 2 person tandem kayaks, all other kayaks fit 1 person.

We have never paddled before. Can we participate?

If you have never paddled before we are here to help so you should either reserve our 15 minute instruction course with a self guided trip or choose a guided trip which includes instruction and a guide to show you the river safely.

Where can we put the Kayaks in the water?

We are located at the confluence of the beautiful North and South Muskoka river and have docks on the waterfront to launch the kayaks. Our staff are here to assist you for both self guided trips, instruction classes and full guided experiences.

Where can we paddle from your location?

The River offers a calm environment most of the year and to enjoy a calm environment to be enjoyed by the first timer as well as the seasoned paddler. There is everything from a 1 hour trip to Bracebridge Waterfalls up to a full day of exploring to three different waterfalls!. The river is very sheltered and have very little/restricted boat traffic so we are Ontario’s best destination for new paddlers!

Can we take a Child or Dog in a Kayak?

If you are paddling with a child we recommend they be over the age of 10 and you option a Tandem kayak. They will be provided with a smaller and lighter paddle and be positioned in the front seat. To take your dog with you, our tandem or Comfort/Fishing solo kayaks have additional space for your dog (depending on their size) Before bringing an animal with you, you should know prior that they are comfortable with paddling otherwise they will be best left at home.

How Deep is the water and do I need to know how to swim?

The River depth varies between 5 - 20 feet and 30 - 80ft. across. You are provided with and expected to wear the life jacket provided at all times while visiting the river. If you do not swim or are concerned with your abilities we recommend choosing a guided trip or our instruction course option with your reservation.

Are there places to stop and have lunch or swim?

There are two different local parks accessible from our site as well as a few wilderness spots up river which are available for swimming and lunch stops. We also offer a picnic area on-site which you are free to use following your trip.

We want to explore other areas. Can we take the kayak away for the day?

We offer multi day rentals (2 day min.) for use at surrounding parks, cottages and to access other wilderness areas. For reservations and rates visit our Summer Rentals page. We provide all the equipment and assistance required to rack a canoe on your car or truck for your trip.

What should we bring for the day?

We would recommend you wear quick drying clothing and protection for a day in the sun. Pack snacks, water (in a refillable container please) Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and some sunscreen, especially on sunny days. If you forget we also have these items available in our kiosk at check in.

How long can we paddle for?

The river offers fairly endless paddling options though we rent our canoes by the hour so you can select from 1 to up to 4 hours of paddling and we offer multiple options for routes.

What model are your kayaks?

Most of our kayaks are from a company called Crescent which are designed by a Georgian Bay paddler now manufacturing in the state of Georgia. These boats are of the highest quality you will find in a rental fleet and vary in length from 11-13’ depending on the model. Some are more stable while others are designed for more efficiency. Our staff will discuss which model would be best for you. Our kayaks are durable and ideal for our river environment, day tripping and fishing!

What if I have other Questions?

Many of our general FAQ’s can be found on our summer adventures page for reservations and we recommend you check them out. We have tried to outline most of the questions we receive in detail here in order to save our staff from repeating these details while our shop can be very busy servicing customers on-site.

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