Family Day Weekend 2020 celebrations


Take a self guided Snowshoe Hike through the beautiful Liv Outside snowshoe trails and arrive at the best view overlooking downtown Bracebridge and the waterfalls.

Monday – 17th February
1 hour – $10 pp

Snowshoeing 1 Hr special

BC Skin skiing

Discover this new take on Nordic skiing. Your guide will take you through the forests of Liv Outside trails on the last in off track skis. Donned with a synthetic skin base they climb and slide easily. A wide design makes them stable for first time skiers and ready to slide through powder snow.

Monday – 17th February
1 hour $20 pp

BC skiing 1 Hr special

Fat biking

Discover Ontario’s first Fat Bike only groomed trails. Liv Outside has designed the ultimate Fat Biking Experience. Ride through the forest trails aboard these giant tired bikes and you’ll be grinning like a kid a Christmas as you propel your winter sleigh for a truly unique experience.

Monday – 17th February
1 Hr $25 pp

Fat Bikes 1 Hr special


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