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Bote Hangout Water Hammock 10Bote Hangout Water Hammock 10
Bote Board

Bote Hangout Water Hammock 10


The military-grade PVC skin means AeroBOTEs can withstand being tossed around, banged, bumped, and scraped with low risk of damage or permanent blemish.Meet the Hangout Water Hammock 10.
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Meet the Hangout Water Hammock. The Water Hammock is not only a blast, but it also provides a comfortable and safe way to enjoy the water with your friends and family. Designed with a contoured mesh bed, the Hangout Hammock is perfect for lounging and playing on the water. With its spacious and sturdy design, the Hangout Water Hammock offers ample space for everyone.

Included Items

  • One (1) Hangout Water Hammock 10
  • One (1) Rolling Travel Bag
  • Four (4) Docklink Connectors
  • One (1) Hand Pump
  • One (1) Aero Repair Kit

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 10′6″ W × 10′6″ D × 8″ H
  • Capacity: 1200 LBS
  • Avg. Weight: 57 LBS
  • Construction: Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology
  • Optimal Inflation: 6-8 PSI
  • Rolling Travel Bag Specs: 32″ × 24.5″ × 13″

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