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LiquidLogic Remix KAYAK

It is often said that there is gap in kayak design, that no 'one' kayak excels in whitewater yet carries speed across flat calm lakes and slow moving rivers. That is ...until now.

The Remix XP was designed to bridge the gap between the two once and for all. The Remix XP is an extension of our popular river runner series and although its roots are firmly planted in whitewater the XP's extended waterline allows it to cruise the flats with ease.


10'6" / 12'


77lbs / 85lbs


34.5" / 33.5"


440lbs / 500lbs

LiquidLogic Remix



Versatile performance: The Remix is designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, from calm lakes and rivers to fast-moving whitewater. This makes it a great option for paddlers who want a kayak that can handle a variety of water types.


Comfortable seating: The kayak features an adjustable and comfortable seat with a backrest, thigh pads, and adjustable foot braces that provide a secure fit and comfortable paddling experience.


Adjustable outfitting: The Remix comes with adjustable outfitting that allows paddlers to customize the fit and performance of the kayak to their needs. This includes adjustable thigh braces and foot pedals, as well as optional hip pads.


Durable construction: The Remix is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which is durable and impact-resistant, ensuring the kayak can withstand rough handling and occasional impacts.


Easy to roll: The Remix has a low profile and a rocker profile that makes it easy to roll and maneuver in whitewater. This makes it a great option for intermediate and advanced paddlers who want a kayak that can handle more challenging conditions.

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