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45NRTH Wrathlorde – 26 x 4.2 Studded Tire45NRTH Wrathlorde – 26 x 4.2 Studded Tire

45NRTH Wrathlorde – 26 x 4.2 Tire 120TPI Studded


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 45NRTH WrathLorde 4.2 Studded

New for 2020 45NRTH introduces the WrathLorde 4.2 Studded Tire! A new ultimate grip tire from 45nrth to offer a slightly smaller 4.2″ casing for aggressive trail riding. With a tread design more aggressive than the Dillinger but not as lugged as the Wrathchild this new model should be the next level for a balance of serious grip and lower rolling resistance. Then there’s the studs, 300 XL concave carbide studs offering the ultimate in traction in every condition from soft snow to hard pack and ice! The 45NRTH Wrathlorde won’t be the choice of all riders looking for the ultimate float but for those riding in most areas with fun singletrack and groomed areas who want the ultimate in cornering traction and lower rolling resistance on hard trail this new model will likely be the best choice for many riders seeking the best tire available for most Fat Bike conditions. The XL stud uses the same 2 piece aluminum body with a wide concave Tungsten carbide tip so you get maximum bite without the weight and they are easily replaceable and harder wearing. You really can’t go wrong with this tire other than being the envy of other riders in your group as you fly through corners.


An evolution of the Wrathchild, the Wrathlorde provides maximum performance in the iciest, most challenging conditions. Aggressive, tightly-spaced lugs decrease rolling resistance without compromising on traction while 300 XL concave studs tear into ice like no other tire yet.

  • Deep, aggressive lugs dig into snow
  • Siping creates a more conforming lug for added traction
  • XL Concave studs tear into slick surfaces
  • Tall side lugs provide confidence in corners
  • Studs: 300 XL Concave Studs
  • The ultimate traction fat bike tire
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Folding Bead / 120 TPI / Studded
  • Size: 26 x 4.2

TUBELESS READY A large flat edge on the bottom of the bead results in more surface area contact with the shelf of the rim. This increased surface area creates a more effective and secure seal for tubeless set ups. The surface of the entire bead is also smooth, reducing the number of small gaps that allow air to leak between the bead and rim shelf. Running your fat bike without tubes can reduce the weight of each wheel by 300 grams and provide a suppler ride quality. Always consult rim manufacturer instructions before setting up tubeless tires to ensure safety and compatibility.

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