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Meiser PV Gauge w/pressure reliefMeiser PV Gauge w/pressure relief

Meiser PV Gauge w/pressure relief


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Meiser Accu-Gage pressure gauges

The Meiser Accu-Gage is the perfect gauge for Fat and Plus tire riders. Requiring no batteries the Accu-gage works flawlessly in any temperature and with a bleeder button allows you to set your air pressure accurately. Choose from the 15 PSI version for fat tires or the 30 psi for mountain and plus tires and play around with your pressure to find the best ride performance in any conditions. These are just about the most popular accessory we offer. Don’t leave one out of your kit.

Stocked in Presta Valve Only!

Mini- bicycle gauges to check your pressure on Presta valve tires. Low pressure 15 PSI bicycle tire gauges for Fat Bike Tires or 30 PSI mid-pressure for Plus and Mountain Bikes these units are perfect for Fat tires requiring and accurate low pressure setting for a better ride.

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