Ice Climbing in Muskoka or Haliburton Highlands

Experience the thrill of climbing 70-100 vertical feet of beautiful chandelier ice clinging to the granite cliffs nestled in the hardwood forests of Muskoka. A long-time hot-spot for Ontario Ice Climbing, Muskoka offers consistently great ice conditions and some of the best routes for beginner to intermediate climbers. Based out of Bracebridge — the Heart of Muskoka — Liv Outside Adventures has been Ice Climbing and offering tours and instruction since 2000, introducing many to the sport over the past 20 years. Our Intro Program was designed for the beginner who wants their first adventure to offer quality instruction and great thrills. We bet it won’t be your last!

We offer only the best in modern equipment, environment and instruction in our programs. This is a great way to connect with family, friends or co-workers, and is also a great team-building or leadership-development activity. So whether for personal/group development or just to have fun, join us for an adventure of the vertical kind.


Kendra Masson

Ice Climbing - Intro Adventure

We had an amazing excursion with you this past weekend! My first time ice climbing, I was told what we were going to be doing on the drive up. I’d have been happy taking photos, but after two false starts, I made it to the top! It was easier every time I tried. Great advice on improving technique made all the difference. We left tired but elated. I’ve been telling everyone I see that I’ve been ice climbing now. I can’t wait to do it again.

Fantastic service from our great guide Peter and his trusty apprentice, Liam. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. I hope to make it out to climb with you again soon!


Ice Climbing - Intermediate Adventure

Excellent ice climbing with a highly knowledgeable crew. Enjoyed every minute of it, from the easier climbs that made me feel like a pro to the arm pumping, more difficult ones that brought me back to earth. Highly recommended.

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