The best time to look for used kayak, canoe or paddleboard is in the fall. We have a fleet of boats from very reputable brands like Native, Old Town or Liquid Logic that we have used for rental this Summer. Our boats are usually in very good condition including some that are just one season old.

Please visit our store and select your boat, place a small deposit to book it and you can pick it up on Thanksgiving weekend.
If you decide to store it over winter we offer that option for $100 for the season.

If you are looking for more information about models that are in our rental fleet please check brands websites .

Old Town
Liquid Logic


SOLDSOLDBrandModelColourOriginal PricePickup Oct 12DepositCondition
Old TownHeron 11 XTSunrise$749$450$100SOLD
Old TownHeron 11XTSunrise$749$450$100SOLD
Old TownHeron 11XTSunrise$749$450SOLD
Old TownHeron 11XTSunrise$749$450$2502 Seasons
Liquid LogicMarvel 10Sunburst$979$500$1002 Seasons
Liquid LogicInuit 12.5Sunburst$1249$875$2501 season
Liquid LogicInuit 12.5Sunburst$1249$875$2501 season
Liquid LogicInuit 12.5Sunburst$1249$875$2501 season
Liquid Logic Inuit 12.5Sunburst $1249$875$2501 season
Liquid LogicInuit 13.5Mojito$1349$1025$2501 week
Liquid LogicVentura SoloLime$949$650$1501 season
Liquid LogicVentura SoloSunburst$949$650$1501 season
Liquid LogicVentura TandemSunburst$1199$850$2501 season
Liquid Logic Ventura TandemSunburst$1199$850$2501 Season
Old TownHeron TandemSunrise$1199$675$1503 Season
Old Town Heron TandemSunrise$1199$675$1503 Season
Old TownTwin OtterSunrise$1099$675$150SOLD
Old TownLoon 111Red$799$500 $1501 Season
Old TownLoon 111Yellow$799$500$1501 Season
Liquid LogicMarvel 145 TandemSunburst$1379$675$2503 Season
Liquid LogicMarvel 145 TandemWasabi$1379$675$2503 Season
Liquid LogicMarvel 145 TandemWasabi$1379$675$2503 Season
NativeStingRay TandemSunburst$1399$975$2501 Season
NativeStingRay TandemSunburst$1399$975$2501 Season
NativeStingRay TandemSunburst$1399$975$250SOLD
NativeSlayer 12Mango$1499$750$250SOLD
NativeSlayer 12Lime$1499$750$250SOLD

Inflatable Paddleboards

BrandModelColourOriginal PricePickup Oct 12DepositCondition
BOTEDriftClassic$999$650$2001 Season
Red PaddleRace 14White/Red$1899$950$200
Red PaddleSnapper 9 4White/Blue$1299$800$200SOLD
Red Paddle11.3 Sport White/Blue$1699$1000$250
Red PaddleRide 10 6White/Red/Blue$1449SOLD
Red PaddleRide 10 8White/Multi$1549call
StarboardAstro TouringNavy Blue/WhiteN/A
StarboardWhooper – ZenBlue/Seafoam$1299SOLD

Composite Paddleboards

BrandModelColourOriginal PricePickup Oct 12DepositCondition
Muskoka SUP 12 6 TouringWhite/Wood$1599$950$250
Muskoka SUP12 6 TouringWhite/Wood$1599$950$250
Muskoka SUP 12 6 TouringWhite/Wood$1599$950$250
Muskoka SUP 12 6 TouringWhite/Wood$1599$950$250
BOTEFlood 10.6Blk/Blue$1899SOLD
BOTEFlood 10.6Seafoam$1799SOLD
StarboardFree RideBlue$2299$1350$250


BrandModelColourOriginal PricePickup Oct 12DepositCondition
Old TownGuide 147Green$1249$800$2502 Season
Old TownGuide 147Green$1249$800$2502 Season
Old TownGuide 160Green$1329$950$2501 Season
Old TownDiscovers 158Green$1349$950$2502 Season
Old TownPenobscott 174Green$1429$1100$2501 Season
Old TownPenobscott 174Green$1429$1110$2501 Season

Supporting each other while we are apart. Home delivery, Online orders and Sound advice (by phone or email)

We know you are currently flooded with updates on how every business is handling the challenges presented by the Covid-19 spread but we hope you will take this quick read on our strategy to support each other through the difficult road ahead. 

Firstly we feel it is an appropriate strategy to minimize interaction and as such will be shutting down store hours to an appointment only basis effective March 18th until April 7th. During this time we will continue to ship online orders, answer phone and email inquiries. We will focus our efforts on helping you find the right equipment and providing home delivery!

Below is a list of ways we are working to support you during this time and minimize the Impact!

  • Our Store will regularly receive a more thorough cleaning of all touch points, Door handles, debit machines, etc. as well as providing a hand sanitizing station for visitors. 
  • We will make sales advice on our products available to you in store by making appointments via email or offering advice by phone at 705.646.0492. 
  • We will maintain lower pricing on most imported items despite the recent changes in exchange rate and introduce additional specials for pre-orders on the latest Boat and Bike models. 
  • Spring 0% Interest /12 Month Financing is now available for many new purchases. Some conditions apply. 
  • Delivery – While we have regularly offered local home and cottage delivery of our larger items like Paddlesports we will now offer personal delivery service for Bikes and all Boats and Boards to a broader area of Ontario through a regular delivery schedule. This will also allow us to continue to offer the personal approach you would expect in store but to your door. Online shipping continues to be available across Canada on most items. 
  • Private Adventures – We will continue to provide private bookings for our available adventures however limited at this time of year with the transition in seasons but if you’re looking for something to do with your group we can certainly discuss what we can make happen to keep you entertained outside!
  • Trails – Our Liv Bike Park trails will remain open and free of charge for hiking, snowshoeing and fat biking at your own risk. As the season changes and much of the trail has ice patches we recommend using footwear traction or snowshoes and studded tires on bikes. Should conditions become soft we ask that you minimize trail damage by leaving the trail. If you would like to assist in Spring maintenance please contact us to sign up with our trail crew. 
  • Waterfront – Our waterfront has not yet opened for the season though we do expect to have our docks ready in the coming weeks. For those looking to make an appointment to test paddle a new boat we do have drysuits for your safety available. 

Great Ways we can help each other!

Vote for us! We have been Nominated for the Bracebridge Chamber Business Awards in the Tourism Category. Introducing many to the beauty of the area through outdoor recreation is the best part of our business and we would appreciate your support at

Revisit our product offerings by visiting one of our websites!

  • offers a complete selection of unique Fat Bikes, parts and accessories
  • we are the Canadian direct retailer for the entire line-up of Bote Paddleboards and accessories. You can see all products online and in store. We ship across the country and can personally deliver direct to you.
  • Our main website is evolving and currently presents the outdoor activities we offer and some of our Paddlesports, Bikes and equipment offerings. Much of what we offer on our online catalogue is not current as a new e-commerce website is currently in development and launching soon! For now check out our online inventory lists for current deals on remaining 2019 and older stock or call and we can help you with the best options we have to suit you. 

Shopping for new items we will work to be your best option on the latest innovative outdoor products. While we do not always offer the lowest price products or the largest selection we do strive to offer products that represent the best value and stand apart from the crowd. 

If you reached the end we thank you so much for taking the time to follow our business and wish us all the best in the adventure ahead!

Owners + Staff

Liv Outside – Gear + Adventures


Spring is coming so we are looking to upgrade our rental fleet with new equipment next winter.

We have some deals on this year equipment that was part of our winter rental fleet.

For prices and full list of inventory please check the table below and call 705 646 0492 for availability:

OAS Skis/ bindingsSizeQuantityPrice
WAP 127127 cm 3300
KAR 147 147 cm1350
ALTAI Skis/ bindingsSizeQuantityPrice
125 cm 125 cm1250
Fat BikesSizeQuantityPrice
Moose 1 ( 2019) YellowSM1500
Moose 2 (2020 )MD1999
Rocky Mountain Blizzard 30SM11200
Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10MDSOLD900
Atlas Rendezvous23155
Atlas Rendezvous25155
Atlas Rendezvous27155
Atlas Fitness21160
Atlas Trail30150
MRS Denali21450
Tubbs Explore25165

Get outside this winter and play in the snow. 

We have a limited number of Atlas and Tubbs snowshoes on sale at our store in Bracebridge. All items are priced to sale so you will get an enormous bargain for quality equipment that will last many years.

There are very limited quantities so visit LIV or call to order.

This offer is valid while stock lasts .

This is the limited stock on sale

Regular PriceSale Price
Atlas Randevous$169$ 99
Atlas Treeline 25$249$179
Atlas Aspect 30$299 $219
Atlas Access 30$199$139
Atlas Stratus 30$299$219
Tubbs Explore W 21 $159$109
Tubbs Explore 30 (SOLD) $159$109
Tubbs Frontier 30$189$139

Children Tubbs Storm snowshoe only $55

Tubbs Storm

Children Tubbs Storm special prize of $55 ( Reg $99.99)

Malibu Ocean Kayak package deal

Malibu Ocean kayak with Day Tripper Paddle

Have a blast atop our Malibu solo series! It’s all about fun and comfort

9’5″ $729
11′ $799

Heron 11 XT Package Deal

Includes Day Tripper Paddle and Extrasport PFD $789
Includes Day Tripper Paddle and Boat Only $679

Jackson Cruise Package Deal

Our Best selling Sit-on-Top Kayak with Magic AL Paddle –
10′ $999
12′ $1079

Jackson Tupelo Package Deal

Our Best selling Rec. Kayak with Magic AL Paddle + Elevate PFD – $1099!

Jackson Tripper 12 Package Deal

Dog friendly stable kayak with Magic AL Paddle + Elevate PFD – $1099!

For full list of our kayaks please :

Enjoy a guided or self guided paddle on the meandering and quiet South Muskoka River, as you make your way to Muskoka’s Scenic South Falls for a swim and snack.

It takes about one and a half hours for the average paddler to get there from Liv Outside’s dock where you launch your kayak, a canoe or paddle board.
We supply you with all the safety equipment. For the beginners, we offer a short 15 – 20 minutes introductory lesson so you can feel safe and confident when paddling on the river.

Take in the wildlife of the river, then explore the area around the falls with beautiful views, unique rock formations, and the roar of the highest vertical drop waterfall in Muskoka. Lounge in the different pools created by the waterfall, or swim in the flow at the bottom. Great for escaping the summer heat! 

The snow has melted and the Spring has sprang. It is the best time to ride a bike and explore trails and country roads of Muskoka.
We have a special offer for you on all of our Scott, Rocky Mountain and Felt mountain and road bikes till the end of May 2019 .
Please find full list of our bikes at

On the top of discounted price we offer basic annual maintenance program for free as well as 10% off on all our accessories and bike parts.

By the way, if you already have a bike we can take care of the maintenance and make it ready for the riding season. Please drop off your bike at Liv Outside and have our mechanic check it for you.

Now is the time to introduce few examples our specials. For the full list of bikes check Liv Outside Bike List or call us at 705 646 0492 .

Please visit us at Liv Outside and hit the trail at River Side Bike Park that we manage.
Use your own bike or We have a great selection of rental road, mountain and full suspension mountain bikes.

For more information and bookings visit Muskoka Mountain Bike Rentals.

Did you know that you can rent a kayak, canoe or paddleboard as well as bikes for your Summer cottage vacation from Liv Outside in Bracebridge, Muskoka ?

We offer multi day rentals as well as discounted weekly rates. All our rental packages include paddles, life jackets and safety kits.
Please ask us about a short introduction to paddling, individual or group session for any level of instruction. We have great instructors ready to help.


Please call us to arrange delivery date and time. We will be more than happy to accommodate all your needs.
Some additional fees may apply depending on location and equipment rented.


Daily RatesWeek

Paddleboard Inflatable
Paddleboard Composite$34.50$235
Paddleboard Comp. Touring$39.50$265


Daily RateWeek
Recreational Kayaks$29.50$195
Day Touring Kayak$34.50$225
Tandem Recreational Kayak$39.50$265
Fishing Kayak$34.50$225
Fishing Pedal Drive Kayak$49.50$295


Daily RateWeek
Recreational FG/ABS Canoe$34.50$225
Ultralight Kevlar Canoe$49.50$295

Have a great time in Muskoka this Summer.

For more information call us 705 646 0492, visit our website at Summer Rentals or come to Liv Outside in Bracebridge, Muskoka.

All hands on deck. We are moving our boats to the higher grounds. The water level is rising in South Muskoka river and it is already as high as it has ever been at Liv Outside.

Let’s see what is happening in our favorite destinations in Muskoka this spring. Water level in the lakes and rivers is very high and some places are flooded in Bracebridge.

The Bracebridge Falls and South Falls both our summer kayaking, canoeing or paddelboarding adventure destinations. Those two waterfalls are spectacular places to visit this time of the year.

If you would like to book your next Summer boating trip on the river in Muskoka  with Liv Outside visit our website at Summer Adventure   



Bracebridge Falls

South Falls

Liv Outside has one of the largest selection of Native Watercraft fishing kayaks in Ontario .

Our store is located on the magical South Muskoka river in Muskoka. We can put your boat on the water from our dock on the river so you can test a new kayak before you buy it.

In order to reserve your demo please call us at 705 646 0492 .

South Muskoka River
Liv Outside testing grounds
South Muskoka River, Muskoka, Ontario

Titan 13.5 propelled fishing kayak

The Titan is a hands-free forward to reverse, Propel Pedal driven, bass fishing kayak extraordinaire

Native Titan 13.5

Titan 10.5 propelled fishing kayak

The Titan Propel 10.5  can more easily be transported in a truck bed while offering many of the same features as the 13.5’ model.